Best Cricket Helmets

Cricket helmets are designed with one purpose and that is to protect the players from the impact of cricket balls which can cause severe injuries like brain or facial injury, if they happen to take a direct hit while playing the game. In fact, most accidents in cricket are caused by the batsman’s or bowler’s error. That is why, it is very important to wear a Cricket helmet while playing cricket. Cricket helmets in cricket have been designed with one primary purpose and that is to protect the player’s head from the damaging impact of cricket balls which can cause serious injuries like facial or brain injury. There are many different Cricket helmet brands available in the market today at many sports stores and also available at Western Sports Centre.

Cricket helmet

A Cricket helmet is made up of many layers. These layers include padding; a lining or forehead padding; face guard or eyebrows; cheek pads; shock absorbers and inner lining. Every single element in a Cricket helmet is designed with a specific function to safeguard and protect the player. Generally, the more layers, better the protection and durability of a cricket helmet. And if you are looking for a cricket helmet which has all these functions and at the same time, it should also be light weighted and comfortable to use.

Most of the Cricket helmets are made up of plastic or foam padded shells. Some of them are also fitted with chinstrap and mouth guard. The best Cricket helmets are made up of polyurethane, which gives it the shock absorption property, which reduces the impact when the player takes a hit on the head. The polyurethane makes it very comfortable to wear and is low on maintenance. It is not necessary to brush or clean this helmet every time; what is needed is just to wipe it once in a while with a damp cloth and it would be ready for another round of play.

Since a Cricket helmet is required to meet all the required safety standards, all the Cricket players are required to purchase a Cricket helmet in the approved size. If a cricketer wants to buy a helmet which is slightly bigger, he can do so as long as it does not exceed the size specifications provided by his Association. As a cricketer, you must remember that you have a responsibility towards your team, fans and other officials who might be watching your game. Hence, you should not only focus on yourself, but must look after others around you, who might be interested in watching your game and also those who might be on the ground.

A Cricket helmet is generally fitted with a fiberglass or carbon fiber shell. The shells of these helmets vary according to the make and model. If you are buying a Cricket helmet for competition, it is good to get one with good venting, good cheek pads and perhaps some additional features like extra padding on the side and rear shells. One feature that is most welcome in a cricket helmet is an adjustable chin strap. It would help the player in achieving the perfect fit and avoid any inconvenience during the match.

Cricket helmets come in three major varieties: -steel, polycarbonate and fiberglass. Steel and polycarbonate varieties are much more expensive than the fiberglass variety. In case of selecting a cricket helmet, it is always better to go for a steel rather than a fiberglass one as steel is more durable and offers a good level of protection. The steel and polycarbonate helmets are much cheaper and easy to maintain, though they are not nearly as good looking as the fiberglass ones.