Carpet Cleaning Techniques – Which Ones Suits You?

Carpet cleaning is done to remove dirt, stains, and allergens in carpets so that they maintain a good look and also last longer. Carpet cleaning is very important because you cannot avoid dirt or spills from constantly settling into your carpet which can leave it looking dirty and crumbly. Most common methods used for carpet cleaning include dry-clean, hot water extraction, steam cleaning, and vacuum cleaning. Below are some of the most effective ways in which you can perform the Carpet Cleaning Newcastle procedure for your home or office.

Carpet Shampooing. Carpet shampooing is another method of carpet cleaning that is mostly preferred by most people. With this method, there is no need to use a detergent solution when cleaning carpets because all that you need to do is to wet your hand and scrub on the carpet with the help of a carpet shampoo machine. The residue left after carpet shampooing is very effective in removing dirt and residue from your carpet. This method is best suited for light to medium duty carpets and for the reason that residue is easily washed off.

Bonnet Cleaning. Another way of carpet cleaning is bonnet cleaning. With bonnet cleaning, the most important thing that you need to do is to apply hot water extraction onto the carpet in order to extract the dirt particles. After that, the remaining residue is then vacuumed away using a powerful vacuum cleaner. Although this method has high levels of cleaning power, it does not guarantee a total stain removal process because some stain molecules may still be attached to the fiber structure of the carpet fibers.

Vacuuming and De-Rinsing. Carpet shampooing and bonnet cleaning are good, but these do not remove all the dirt particles attached to the fiber structure. This is where vacuuming comes into the picture. It is advisable that you use both carpet shampooing and vacuuming to completely clean and remove the soil particles from the carpet. In order to get the best results out of your carpet shampooing sessions, it is advised that you hire a professional carpet cleaning techniques from a reputable company that uses advanced technology equipment.

Steam Cleaning. Another common carpet care technique is steam cleaning. The actual act of steaming involves diluting chemicals and water in a heated steam container. This process kills and removes all the microorganisms and bacteria present on the carpet and on the furnishings.

Carpet De Stain Treatment. Stain remains can be removed through bonnet cleaning. But stains that have been there for a long time cannot be removed by just washing. Such remnants may be responsible for the bad odors in the room. For this you can use de-greasing solutions that are readily available at the supermarket. Bonnet cleaning methods also help to remove residues of grease, fat and oily food that have stuck to the fibers of your carpet.